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World Remote Control has emerged over a period of nearly three years. A long time for GLANTZ. We wanted to go different ways and take our time-this time ... We had no hurry, we had no pressure. Nobody was waiting for a new GLANTZ album.

To the production: For musicians often the decisive moment after the song-writing, for fans however a mostly completely boring detail, which only interests the nerds. Nevertheless a few words on this. It may not sound like that, but only very few sounds have been programmed. Everything was recorded live, with real instruments: Vocals, bass, guitars, piano and synthesizers, drums and percussion, - but never together. Even the individual drum components were played one after the other-separately.
There was no classical miking, no large studio rooms, no glass panes between the control- and the recording room, only the concentration on "this one sound to capture". If we had chosen a traditional recording situation for this instrumentation and songs no GLANTZ album would have been made. But this way it became the best GLANTZ work of all time. Matured, perfectly in form and captivating.


released June 13, 2019

Stefan Stürmer: Bass
Peter M. Glantz: Vocals and all other instruments


all rights reserved



GLANTZ Germany

Back in 2008 GLANTZ was founded from the idea to develop music only in the studio, not to go on stage and not to produce albums anymore. The plan was to write only single tracks and to publish them, together with corresponding videos, exclusively on streaming services. Just for the fun of it.
But right at the beginning everything went wrong.

And now? Everything is better.
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Track Name: Are you with me?
I can hear you calling
singing in the rain
Like blasting air
do you really care?
Track Name: From now on it´s getting dark
from now on it ́s getting dark
They ́re burning blue skies
like there were thousands
right before all eyes
Track Name: White is the new grey
Orange headphone systems
Sunglasses with yellow feathers
Ugly Robot-diseases
Fantastic green onions made of fresh meat
Track Name: Future is on it's way
How many shadows
have left to feed the enemy?
Calm down and relax
future is on it ́s way ...
Track Name: Battlefield revelation
Gluon Field Fluctuations
Battlefield Revelation
Will you ever know
Who will ever know
Track Name: Be prepared
National Security Agency
Lollipop Slide Babushka Lemonade
Chewbacca Mask Banana Disney World
You Nerd
Track Name: Too strong to survive
everything is possible
but nothing get ́s done
how did you find me in this world
on this liquid rock
Track Name: The bleeding animal
I ́m a bleeding animal eating ice-cream
I ́m a wounded tree watching the news
I ́m a waterdrop waiting for the rain
I ́m a hidden stone going insane
Track Name: Every single day is a wednesday
Welcome to „Thoughtland“-Island
Maybe I ́ve been brainwashed too
And now I understand
everything ́s gone

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